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AR-15 5.56 Juggernaut California Compliant Rifle **MUST BE SHIPPED TO FFL**

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AR-15 5.56 Juggernaut California Compliant Rifle


Never compromising on quality, the new California Compliant JTE rifle is ahead of its class in features and accuracy. Unlike most defensive rifles in its price range, the JTE includes top notch furniture designed to improve both shooting experience and operator performance. An all new exclusive JT M-LOK 15” handguard provides heat shields and flexible attachment points including picatinny rail integrated into the handguard ends. The Hellfighter rear pin assembly is complemented by the Hogue Freedom Fighter making this the best option for your CA compliant AR15 by having an internal magazine lock which prohibits magazine changes when the upper is in the closed position. Next, the JT 16-inch barrel features a 1:7 twist rate to handle a wide range of bullet types. The operation of the Black Nitride reduced friction M16 bolt carrier group is managed by a carbine length gas system paired with a heavy buffer, resulting in an exceptionally smooth action. Add to that our matching sets of billet uppers and lowers, and you have a very attractive, lightweight defensive weapon.

  • T6 aerospace grade Billet aluminum lower and upper receivers
  • 16” m4 profile, barrel 1:7 twist rate
  • Proprietary T6 aerospace grade billet aluminum M-LOK 15” handguard
  • Reduced Friction black nitride bolt carrier group – M16 full auto rated
  • Type 3 Hardcoat anodizing or Cerakote
  • Hellfighter rear pin assembly
  • Internal magazine lock (Freedom Fighter by Hogue)
  • MFT adjustable stock
  • Rubber overmolded Juggernaut grip
  • Comes with one magazine
  • Cerakote option comes with upgraded ambi charging handle (only if ordered directly from Juggernaut Tactical)
  • Made in the USA
  • Patents Pending
  • Lock included

California Compliant System

We are proud to introduce the Hellfighter Mod Kit, the perfect, ultra-fast California Compliant magazine lock solution for your AR-10 or AR-15. This comes after a year of engineering and countless attempts to make the best and simplest solution on the market. With this bolt on solution (patent pending), you will be able to perform magazine changes faster than you ever thought possible.

One of the features that sets us apart is our modified quick-release take down pin, which acts as a button to separate the upper from the lower just enough to disengage semi-automatic operation and automatically disable the magazine lock. Once your upper is separated and disengaged from semi-automatic operation, your magazine release is now operable. A simple tap closes the upper and re-engages the spring loaded take down pin and will quickly get you back in the fight. The Hellfighter Mod Kit is compatible with any AR-15 or AR-10.

How it works:

By changing out your rear take down pin and replacing it with our modified take down pin in combination with a new bolt catch now used as a magazine lock, you will have a completely California Compliant AR. You no longer have to use a Featureless AR solution. Our system will allow you to keep all of your current features, including a pistol grip, a forward grip, and adjustable butt stock. You can even reinstall a mil-spec magazine release. No need for a bullet button.

  • Ultra-fast magazine changes
  • Featureless AR components no longer needed
  • No need to permanently modify your upper or lower
  • No need for bullet button
  • Available for any AR-15 or AR-10
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • Finished in black or stainless steel
  • Patent pending

FFL Required Before Shipping

Email us your name & order number at sales@uspatriotarmory.com and give us the FFL Dealer you would like to use so we can get your new order shipped. THERE WILL BE A 20% RESTOCKING FEE + SHIPPING DEDUCTED IF BACKGROUND CHECK IS DENIED.

ATTENTION: Federal law requires that we ship firearms to an FFL dealer on your behalf. Federal law requires that you must be 21 years old to purchase handguns, firearm receivers/actions/lowers and pistol grip-only shotguns. In CA, buyers of long guns must be 21 years old unless exempted by law. Check your local laws for any restrictions before ordering. For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on firearms. Additional items ordered at the same time as firearms will be shipped to the billing address. Pricing on firearms does not reflect governmental or dealer fees for mandated background checks and/or dealer transfer fees; these fees will be charged by your FFL dealer. Email us the FFL dealer you would like to use for your transfer after you order.
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Law enforcement officers must provide both their credentials and a letterhead signed by their department’s superior officer stating that the magazine will either be used in the execution of the L.E.O.’s duties, or off duty. USPA only recognizes City Police Officers, County Sheriff Deputies, and State Police (including Highway Patrol) as L.E.O.’s.

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Proposition 65 Disclaimer Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, requires businesses to inform California consumers about exposures to specified chemicals prior to purchase. Listed below are the products we offer that are subject to California’s Proposition 65 based on notifications we have received from our manufacturers. You may also download this list which includes the warning message via our download files which can be found online in the “Dealer’s Toolbox” under “Available Downloads”. This list will be updated regularly as we receive additional information from manufacturers. Please visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov for additional information regarding your obligations under Proposition 65.

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U.S. Patriot Armory is a veteran owned small business located in the city of Apple Valley (Just North Of Ontario California). Our mission is to be your go-to source for quality firearm products by offering competitive prices and exceptional customer service. At U.S. Patriot Armory, we have everything you need to be prepared for uncertain circumstances. Protecting your family’s well-being is your top priority and being prepared for anything will give you an unprecedented advantage. We are a one stop destination for top of the line 80% lowers, rifle kits, accessories, 80% 1911 kits, 80% Glock Kits, parts, tools and survival accessories & kits to ensure you’re never caught off-guard regardless of the circumstances. U.S. Patriot Armory believes in providing our customers top of the line, high quality products. Our hand-selected collection of rifle kits and accessories are durable, easy to use, efficient and very affordable. We take the safety of our customers very seriously and we stand behind the quality of every product we offer. Our team is always available to help you find and select the perfect product. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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