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      AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Professional Jig Tool Kit - Superior Performance Cutting Tools

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      AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Professional Jig Tool Kit

      Tool Kit Includes:

      • Patented “Chip Breaker” 5/16” Solid Carbide End Mill With ¼” Shank
      • 3/8” Drill Bit For Drilling Out Safety Selector Hole
      • 5/32” Drill Bit For Drilling Out Tigger Slot Pilot Hole And Mass Material Removal In The Trigger Pocket
      • 5/16” Drill Bit For Mass Material Removal Of the Trigger Pocket.

      Tool Kit Insert for 5/16” End Mill
      “Instructions for best Tool Kit performance”

      Congratulations, you have just taken ownership of the most Bad Ass custom Tool Kit in
      the entire industry for machining 80% Lower Receivers. 100% American Made in every single
      way! Yep, you heard right. R&B Tactical Tooling, Inc. is proud to provide you the industry’s
      first custom Tool Kit for 80% Lower Receivers. This tool kit was designed and manufactured
      from the ground up to optimize the machining of 80% Lower Receivers, by hand and at home
      with power tools you may already have.
      This Tool Kit was designed to be used with the industry’s most popular jigs from 80%
      Arms (GEN 1 AND Gen 2), Juggernaught Tactical, 5D Tactical (Gen 1 AND Gen 2) jigs as well
      as many others. This Tool Kit also works with almost every Jig that requires a 5/16” End Mill
      with a ¼” shank. Also, our Drill Bits will work with nearly any jig on the market today because
      they are the exact size you will need to drill out the safety selector hole (3/8” Drill Bit that is
      included), trigger and hammer pin holes that require a (5/32” Drill Bit that is included), as well
      as a (5/16” Drill Bit that is included) for the trigger slot pilot hole and mass material removal in
      the trigger pocket. Also, most of the industry’s GEN 1 and Gen 2 jigs require this 5/16” drill bit
      for mass material removal of the trigger pocket. Some of the new Generation Jigs in the market
      can use this drill bit as well. Make sure to check your jig’s instruction manual to make sure this
      particular drill bit is required. All of the other drill bits in our Tool Kit are a must have for every

      other operation, in EVERY jig.

      Before you start, it is recommended that you read the instructions that come with the
      specific jig that you intend to use, because the following tips might be slightly different for your
      exact jig. It is VERY IMPORTANT to do the following machining steps in order. Failure to do
      so may damage your lower and damage the bits. Always make sure to use a quality cutting or
      tapping oil on ALL FOUR BITS! WD-40 and 3M oil are not cutting fluids, so do not use these!
      Any home improvement store will have quality cutting and tapping oils. Tap Magic is


      #1. 3/8” Drill Bit, or the 5/16” Drill Bit is mostly used for bulk material removal in the
      trigger pocket. Have your drill press set at a moderate to slow speed. When the drill bit begins to
      make contact with the material, feed the drill bit very slowly. This extra time will allow the drill
      bit to create a “side wall” in the hole. This side wall will support the bit and prevent it from
      pulling you'r jig up off the table. Once the side wall is created, you can gently accelerate the
      plunge feed. Failure to start the hole slowly could result in damage to your lower or the bit.
      #2. 5/16”” End Mill to machine the trigger pocket. If your lower receiver is made out of 6061
      T6 aluminum, your depth of cut for the first six passes are 3/16” deep and the last pass is 1/8”
      deep. This means you can complete the milling process in 7 passes. Make sure that you are using
      cutting or tapping oil on the end mill for every pass and run the router motor at a Medium/High
      speed. Make sure to clean out the chips between each pass. The last two passes may be a “plunge
      cut” depending on your specific jig. That means there may not be a hole to start the End Mill
      inside of. So, you will have to rest one edge of the router motor on the jig and gently swing the

      end mill with one smooth rocking motion down into the material. Make sure you hold the router

      motor at the base with both hands securely. If you incorrectly hold it at the top it may bounce. If
      your lower receiver is made out of 7075 T6 forged aluminum, you may find that you have to
      make your milling cuts a little bit more shallow as compared to the steps that are the same as
      above. Before your final milling passes, always make sure to consult your jig’s depth gage to

      ensure your final cuts are at the proper depth.

      #3. 3/8” Safety Selector Switch hole, 5/32” Trigger and Hammer Pin holes and the 5/16”

      Trigger Slot Pilot hole/ mass material removal. When drilling the three holes on the side of the
      receiver, it is critical that you drill these holes after the trigger pocket has been fully machined.
      There are no short cuts, if you drill these holes first or “out of sequence” it will cause the drill bit
      to “bind” on a previously drilled hole. This can damage the drill bit, the drill press, and possibly
      give you an unsatisfactory finish on your safety selector and trigger pin holes. Make sure to start
      drilling the holes slowly to create a ‘side wall’ in the hole to support the bit, then continue to drill
      down. When you are ready to pull the bit up and out of the hole, do it slowly as to prevent the bit
      from ‘catching’ on the under-side of the material. Also, we designed and machined these Drill
      Bits to polish the inner diameter of every single hole they drill. So, taking your time while
      drilling will produce a very smooth finish!
      #4. You may find on some jigs that you have to pull the end mill out of the router collet a
      little bit to have enough length to reach the final milling passes on the bottom of the trigger
      pocket, as well as creating enough clearance between the collet nut and the top of the jig. Make

      sure you do not cut into the trigger guard.

      #5. Pro Tips. Always make sure the collet of the router has been degreased with a high-
      quality carburetor cleaner or rubbing alcohol to ensure the collet doesn’t let the tool slip. The
      collets on inexpensive hand-held routers are usually not high quality, so having a clean collet that

      is tightly secured to the tool will give best performance.

      The R&B Tactical Tooling 80% Lower Receiver Cutting Tool Kit was created, designed and
      manufactured by us. We are The Masters of the Black Arts of Tooling ™. This tool kit is the
      industry’s first that is specially designed and manufactured to optimize the machining of
      personal built lower receivers. That means you can get your Saturdays back. Everything in this
      box, including the box, is Made in America.
      This Tool Kit includes one Patented 5/16” Solid Carbide End Mill that has a ¼” Shank for use
      with some of the most popular jigs. This End-Mill has application specific “Chip Breaker”
      geometry for milling aluminum. This tool is used for the precise milling of the trigger pocket.
      How does this get your Saturdays back? The 5/16” End Mill cutting depth is 4.5 times deeper per
      cut and travels through the material 3 times faster at the same time. That means you have
      more than13 times the total material removal rate than the “other” end mills on the market.
      Also, included in the kit are three application specific Parabolic Drill Bits. These drill bits are
      manufactured with application specific geometry that optimizes the drilling of aerospace grade
      aluminum, which is what 80% Lower Receivers are made from. These drill bits do not require
      you to “clear the chips” like other drill bits do. In other words, having to continually pull the drill
      bit out to get the chips out of the hole. That means you can steadily cut all the way through to the
      bottom of the hole in one plunge without pulling the drill bit out.
      The coating we have applied to all four of our cutting tools is absolutely nothing like everyone
      else uses. Manufacturing custom cutting tools is the only way our family has put food on the
      table for over 50 years. We know how to make a great tool, and we know how to engineer a
      proper coating that is specific to the job at hand. The coating we developed contains Gold and
      Silver, which provides a bit of natural lubrication. Also, we have added Titanium, this helps
      provide longevity of the cutting edge. However, you still need to use a high-quality cutting fluid
      on all four tools to remove heat from the machining process. WD-40 and 3M oil are NOT cutting
      fluids, so do not use these! We recommend the use of any high quality cutting or tapping oil
      available at any home improvement store. “Tap Magic” works very well!
      Last, but not least, is the included Non-Marring Drill Stop. This drill stop has a patented, low
      friction, lubricated polymer collar bearing. It eliminates any marring to the surface you are
      drilling, thus protecting your prized receiver from scratches. This drill stop is used to control drill
      hole depth. In a nut shell, this tool kit kicks ass!

      R&B Tactical Tools

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