1911 Build Kits

Empower Your Craft: 1911 Build Kits

Step into the realm of creation. 1911 Build Kits, your gateway to a customized firearm.

1911 Build Kit 80% Standard

Unleash your potential. Crafted for the ambitious, the 1911 Build Kit 80% Standard is your ticket to a unique firearm. Your journey begins.

1911 Build Kit Registered

Accuracy, power, at your fingertips. The Registered 1911 Build Kit, designed for the discerning. A notch above ordinary, a stride towards extraordinary.

1911 Government 80% (9mm) Black Build Kit, No Frame

Embrace the allure of the dark. The Black Build Kit, an ode to the 1911 Government. No frame, no constraints. Your rules, your build.

Dive into our collection of 1911 Build Kits. Ignite the gunsmith within. Your 1911 is waiting for a personal touch. Let’s craft, together.

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