AR-15 Lower Parts

AR-15 Lower Parts: Your Gun’s Foundation

Dream build on the mind?

Start at the bottom. Get it right. Our AR-15 Lower Parts won’t let you down. They are the solid base for your masterpiece.

Got your heart set on a receiver?

Our AR-15 80% Forged Lower Receiver Black Anodized is a stunner. Forged to perfection, it’s the heart and soul of your build.

Need a Compliant Mod Kit?

Check the AR-15 JTE 100% Black Lower with CA Compliant Mod Kit. It’s all legit and on the level. Perfect for those living in the Golden State.

How about a grip?

The AR-15 / AR-10 JuggerNaut Featureless Grip won’t let you down. Sturdy. Durable. A trusty sidekick in your building journey.

Give your AR-15 the start it deserves. Jump in!

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