AR-15 Upper Parts

AR-15 Upper Parts: Load Up Your Build!

Welcome, gun enthusiast! You’ve entered the exciting world of AR-15 Upper Parts. These pieces are the heart of your AR-15 build. Think of them as the cherry on top.

Got a soft spot for stocks? The Trinity Force Alpha Stock in Black will win you over. It comes in a kit with a buffer tube too. Real deal, folks!

Need an upper receiver? Check out the 80% Lower Receiver & Billet Upper Receiver Assembly by Juggernaut Tactical. It’s rock solid.

For conversion kits, you can’t beat the AR-10/15 CMMG Bravo 22LR 10Rd Conversion Kit. It’s a game changer.

With our upper parts, your AR-15 won’t just be another gun. It’ll be a masterpiece. Go ahead, get building!

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