Glock Parts

Glock lovers, this is your nirvana. Find an expansive array of Glock parts. It’s candy, Glock style. Stuff like our popular GLOCK Build Kits. Glock OEM G26 and Glock 26 OEM – both quality 9mm 80% build kits. Love power? Try Glock 31 OEM Gen3 80% 357 SIG Build Kit.

Step into the big leagues with Ultimate Glock G34 OEM 80% Build Kit. From Glock 17 to Glock 43, all OEM, all 80% build kits. But there’s more. A ton more. Check out our Patriot 17 Gen3 Compatible. Comes in different colors. And with or without frames.

There’s a host of Glock Lower Parts Kits. From Glock 17 to Glock 43. All OEM. For 22LR fans, we’ve got you covered with our GLOCK Sucompact 22LR Build Kit. And then, Glock 26 Builders Kit for the DIY in you.

And let’s not forget frames. Check out our Polymer80 PF940SC Sub Compact Frame. Fits Glock 26/27. Available in Coyote Brown. We’ve also got a range of stripped and serialized frames. Like our Glock 21SF OEM Gen3 (.45ACP) Serialized Stripped Frame.

Oh, and did we mention slides? Our GLOCK 19 P40 Warhawk Battleworn Built Slide should get you excited.

Welcome to Glock-land!

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