Glock Upper Parts

Glock Upper Parts: A Peek Inside

Let’s dive right in. Our Glock Upper Parts section is like a treasure chest, brimming with gems.

Slides, Slides, and More Slides

You gotta check out the GLOCK 17 P40 Warhawk Battleworn Built Slide. It’s like a fierce bird of prey, ready for action. Comes with a Lower Parts Kit too. Neat, right?

Or maybe, you’re more into shiny stuff. The GLOCK 19 Black Slide & Gold Barrel Upgrade. Sleek. Polished. Real eye-candy, that one.

Then, there’s the Patriot G19 9mm Gen 3 Ported Windowed Slide. It’s got, wait for it… windows! Better heat dispersion. Cooler look.

Its twin, the USPA Patriot G19 9mm Gen 3 Ported Windowed Slide – Color Tungsten, deserves a mention. Threaded with a Zaffiri Precision match grade barrel. A rare gem. Dazzles in gold.

The ‘Built’ and ‘Stripped’ Heroes

On another note, we’ve got the GLOCK 17 Built Slide. Assembled and ready. Solid as a rock. Need a little extra? Its cousin, the GLOCK 17 Built Slide with Thread Barrel, packs a punch.

If you’re a DIY type, check out the GLOCK 19 Stripped Slide & Lower Parts Kit: Upgrade Today. Get busy with it. Build your masterpiece.

Springs and Guide Rods

Check out our Stainless Steel Guide Rods. They’re like the backbone of your Glock. Fit for a slew of models. Like the Glock 26/27/33/39 Gen1-4. Steady and durable.

Triggers and Lasers

Ever heard of ZEV Technologies? Their Fulcrum Drop in Trigger Kit is a marvel. Fits G 9MM Gen 1-3. Sleek, black with a red safety.

We also got GHOST Inc’s 3.5 lb Performance Trigger Connector. Sharpens your shot. Improves your performance.

The LaserMax Hi-Brite Model LMS-1161 Laser? Fits GLOCK 26, 27, 33. Aims straight. Bright as a star.


Finally, our Glock barrels. Got them in different styles. Black Nitride. Rainbow. All waiting for you.

So, come on in, buddy. Look around. Dive in. Our Glock Upper Parts category is a gold mine, and you’re the prospector.

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