Archangel AA9130 OPFOR Precision Stock Black Synthetic Fixed with Adjustable Cheek Riser for Mosin Nagant M1891


Upgrade your Mosin Nagant M1891 with the Archangel AA9130 OPFOR Precision Stock. Made in the USA, it offers a precision inlet with steel pillar bedding, fully adjustable ergonomics, an ergonomic goose-neck style grip, and three steel hardpoints for QD style sling swivels. It fits most M1891, 91/30, M-38, M-44, and Chinese T-53 carbines.

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Archangel AA9130 OPFOR Precision Stock for Mosin Nagant M1891

Revitalize your classic Mosin Nagant rifle with the Archangel AA9130 OPFOR Precision Stock. Meticulously designed and made in the USA, this stock not only provides improved functionality but also gives your firearm a modern look.

Fits Classic Mosin Nagant Rifle

This Archangel stock is specifically designed to fit the classic Mosin Nagant rifle, including most M1891, 91/30, M-38, M-44, and Chinese T-53 carbines in both hex and round receivers. It also fits the Finnish M-39 rifles and carbines with some modifications.

Integral Mag Well & Patented Detachable Magazine System

Featuring an integral mag well and a patented detachable magazine system, the AA9130 OPFOR Precision Stock solidly brings the M1891 into the 21st Century. This makes reloading quicker and handling smoother.

Precision Inlet with Steel Pillar Bedding

Precision inlet with steel pillar bedding ensures a secure fit and enhances the overall stability of the rifle. The free-float barrel channel allows the barrel to sit securely and helps maintain accuracy.

Fully Adjustable Ergonomics

The stock features fully adjustable ergonomics including a click-adjustable length of pull of 13.5″-14.625″ and a click-adjustable cheek riser in .05″ increments with 1.75″ of travel. This allows you to customize the rifle to your exact specifications for a more comfortable shooting experience.

Ergonomic Goose-Neck Style Grip with Palm Swells

The ergonomic goose-neck style grip with palm swells offers maximum comfort and control during handling. It also features a locking storage compartment for added convenience.

Three Steel Hardpoints for QD Style Sling Swivels

Three steel hardpoints are built into the stock to accept QD style sling swivels (sling swivels not included), offering versatile carry options.

Forend Allows Free Floating of Most Barrel Contours

The forend is designed to allow the free floating of most barrel contours and includes a barrel tensioner for those barrels that prefer some pressure.

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