BCM – BCMGunfighter MCMR 10″ M-LOK, Free-Floating Style Made of Aluminum – for AR-Platform – MCMR10556BLK


Unlock a new world of precision with the BCMGunfighter MCMR 10″ Handguard. Feel the freedom of reduced deflection, M-LOK compatibility, and resistance to heat.

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Welcome to BCMGunfighter MCMR 10″! An innovative beast crafted to elevate your AR-Platform performance. Let’s not wait, delve right into it.

Deflection Be Gone: Here’s to a free-floating handguard that genuinely does its job. It cuts out the loads from the barrel and, as a result, drops the deflection down. That’s precision in action for you.

M-LOK Compatibility: Your gun, your way. Thanks to the M-LOK compatible mounting system, you can outfit your rifle just how you like it. Personalization, now made real simple.

Heat-Resistant Steel Barrel Nut: Got a thing for long shooting sessions? No worries! The steel barrel nut withstands heat and refuses to budge. Durability now has a new name.

Aesthetics On Point: With the black hard coat anodized finish, your aluminum handguard isn’t just high-functioning. It’s drop-dead gorgeous too.

Jump on board with BCMGunfighter MCMR 10″. It’s more than just a handguard. It’s a performance upgrade for your AR-Platform.


  • 1x BCMGunfighter MCMR 10″ M-LOK Handguard
  • 1x Steel Barrel Nut
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Compatibility: AR-Platform

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