Beretta USA J40AN88 A400 Upland 28 Gauge 3″ 2+1 28″ Black Barrel Xtra Grain Walnut Wood, Kick-Off Stock


Experience the fusion of modern tech and classic design with the Beretta USA J40AN88 A400 Upland. This 28-gauge shotgun boasts an engraved nickel-plated receiver, a 28″ barrel, and an ergonomic walnut stock.

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Meet the Beretta USA J40AN88 A400 Upland, a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and classic aesthetics. Designed for hunters who won’t compromise on shooting experience, this 28-gauge shotgun is a top performer.

High-Tech Meets Tradition

The A400 Upland is a masterpiece in its own right. Its receiver, plated in elegant nickel and graced with a tasteful game scene engraving, speaks of tradition. Yet, it houses the very latest in shooting technology.

Classy Design

You’ll note the classic Beretta blue barrel, a mark of the brand’s unwavering quality. In the hand, the select walnut stock feels right. It sports an Xtra Grain finish that adds to its charm, while the integral Kick-Off Mega recoil dampener ensures comfort.

Ergonomic Build

The design of the pistol grip and forend takes the A400 Upland a notch above the rest. It offers improved comfort, elevating the shooting experience. Its slim new look speaks of a fine balance between elegance and function.

Superior Performance

This model features a 28″ barrel that allows for precise shots. It comes with three (3) OBF-HP choke tubes, enhancing its performance and making it a true game-changer.

What’s Included:

  1. Beretta USA J40AN88 A400 Upland 28 Gauge Shotgun
  2. 28″ Black Barrel
  3. Xtra Grain Walnut Wood with Kick-Off Stock
  4. Three (3) OBF-HP Choke Tubes

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