Beretta USA J42CK12 A400 Xcel Sporting 12 Gauge 32″ Blued Barrel 3″ 2+1, Wolf Gray Metal Finish, Walnut Kick-Off Stock


The Beretta USA J42CK12 A400 Xcel Sporting is the 12-gauge shotgun clay shooters crave. Boasting speedy cycling, low recoil, and impeccable balance, it’s your winning choice for precision and control.

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Step into a clay shooter’s fantasy with the Beretta USA J42CK12 A400 Xcel Sporting. This 12-gauge shotgun, with a 32″ blued barrel, takes shooting to an unparalleled level.

Speed and Comfort

Faster than any other shotgun on the market, the A400 Xcel makes every second count. And with extremely low recoil, shooting becomes a smooth, comfortable experience.

Balance and Handling

Perfect balance. Easy handling. This shotgun is an absolute winner, bringing precision and control to your fingertips.

Kick-Off Plus Recoil Reduction

Say goodbye to harsh recoil. The Kick-Off Plus Recoil Reduction system minimizes it, making your shooting session more pleasant and less tiresome.

Aquatech Shield Wolf Gray Receiver Finish

The stunning Aquatech Shield Wolf Gray finish lends a unique, eye-catching look to your shotgun. Standing out was never this stylish.

MicroCore Recoil Pad and Oversized Controls

Experience shooting comfort with the MicroCore Recoil Pad and enhanced control with oversized controls. It’s all about making your shooting experience easy and enjoyable.

What’s Included:

  1. Beretta USA J42CK12 A400 Xcel Sporting 12 Gauge Shotgun
  2. 32″ Blued Barrel
  3. Wolf Gray Metal Finish
  4. Walnut Kick-Off Stock
  5. 3 Optima Choke HP Extended (Cylinder, Modified, Full)

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