Black Rain BROLPKBLK BRO AR-Platform 5.56x45mm NATO Black Magpul MOE Grip Drop-In Trigger


The Black Rain BROLPKBLK BRO AR-Platform Lower Parts Kit offers a complete solution for your 5.56x45mm NATO rifle’s lower receiver. It features a Magpul MOE grip and a 3.5-lb. single-stage drop-in trigger.

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Black Rain BROLPKBLK BRO AR-Platform Lower Parts Kit

Meet the Black Rain BROLPKBLK BRO AR-Platform Lower Parts Kit. This comprehensive kit, designed for 5.56x45mm NATO AR-Platform rifles, includes a vast array of essential components, a Magpul MOE pistol grip, and Black Rain Ordnance’s renowned 3.5-lb. single-stage drop-in trigger. Enhance the functionality and comfort of your rifle with this complete package.

Complete Lower Parts Kit

This kit provides everything you need to assemble or upgrade your AR-platform rifle’s lower receiver. It includes a buffer retainer and spring, selector, bolt catch spring, retainer, catch and roll pin, mag catch, pivot pin, grip screw, star washer, selector detent spring, detent, takedown pin, and two of each takedown pivot pin springs and detents.

Magpul MOE Pistol Grip

Experience the enhanced ergonomics and durability provided by the included Magpul MOE pistol grip. Made from reinforced polymer, this grip features a simple yet comfortable design, providing a solid hold even in the most challenging conditions.

3.5-lb. Single-Stage Drop-in Trigger

The kit also features Black Rain Ordnance’s 3.5-lb. single-stage drop-in trigger, renowned for its crisp break and predictable reset. This trigger delivers superior performance and is an excellent addition to any AR build or upgrade.

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