Bushmaster Snake Charmer Muzzle Brake Black 11/16″x24 tpi for 450 Bushmaster


Boost your shooting game with the Bushmaster 0051000BLK Snake Charmer Muzzle Brake. It significantly reduces felt recoil, attaches with a perfect 11/16″x24 tpi fit, and adds a sleek, black charm to your 450 Bushmaster.

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Say hello to your firearm’s new best friend – the Bushmaster 0051000BLK Snake Charmer Muzzle Brake. Built for a .450 Bushmaster, this bad boy is more than just a fancy accessory.

Reduce that kick. Recoil – a shooter’s worst enemy. But, no more. The Snake Charmer packs a punch, not you. It’s crafted to cut down felt recoil in a big way.

It’s all black and awesome. Sporting a slick, black finish, this muzzle brake doesn’t just work well – it looks the part too. Sure to catch a few admiring glances at the range.

It’s a perfect fit. With a 11/16″x24 tpi thread pitch, it’ll snugly fit onto your 450 Bushmaster. Your firearm deserves the best, and this is it.

Add some charm to your Bushmaster. This Snake Charmer isn’t just a muzzle brake. It’s an upgrade, an enhancement, a game-changer. A Bushmaster isn’t complete without it.

What’s Included

  • 1x Bushmaster 0051000BLK Snake Charmer Muzzle Brake (Black)
  • Thread pitch: 11/16″x24 tpi
  • Application: 450 Bushmaster

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