CMC Triggers 81622 AR Parts Black Nitride 304 Stainless Steel 9.79″


The CMC Triggers 81622 AR Part, made from stainless steel, is engineered for longevity and performance. Experience the durable Nitride finish and reliable gas flow.

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CMC Triggers 81622 AR Parts

Welcome to the CMC Triggers 81622 AR Parts. This isn’t your average component. It’s a finely tuned piece of machinery designed to make your rifle stand out from the crowd.

Precision Machined

Our stainless steel AR parts are precision machined. Tailored to perfection from 304 stainless steel. Accuracy and precision in every piece.

Durably Finished

Benefit from our Nitride finish. It’s not just durable, but extremely so. Made to withstand the trials of time and use.

Corrosion and Wear Resistant

Resistance is key. Our parts boast enhanced corrosion and wear resistance. They’re built to last, no matter the conditions.

Consistent Gas Flow

Ensure consistent gas flow. Your rifle’s cycle will function properly, every time. No hitches, no hiccups.

Made in the USA

Trust in American craftsmanship. Each piece is made right here in the USA. Quality you can believe in.

What’s Included

  • 1x CMC Triggers 81622 AR Part (Black Nitride 304 Stainless Steel)

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