CMC Triggers – Drop-In Two-Stage Flat Trigger with 1-3 lbs Draw Weight & Black/Silver Finish for AR-15/AR-10 – 91504


Elevate your AR-15/AR-10 with the CMC 2-Stage Flat Trigger. It boasts advanced design, match-grade draw weight, and a sleek black/silver finish.

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Upgrade Your Game. Meet CMC’s 2-Stage Flat Trigger – 91504 model. Perfect for AR-15/AR-10. Designed for discerning shooters.

Advance Your Performance. This trigger’s got the most modern methods in play. You get quality. You get function. You get reliability.

Fine-Tune Your Shots. With a draw weight of 1-3 lbs, your trigger pull becomes a match-grade marvel. Upgrading your firearm? As simple as pie.

Style Matters. The trigger sports a swanky black/silver finish. Your AR doesn’t just perform better. It looks sharper, too.

What’s Included

  • 1x CMC 2-Stage Flat Trigger (91504 model)
  • 1-3 lbs Draw Weight
  • Black/Silver Finish
  • For AR-15/AR-10

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