CMMG AR-15 Black Nylon Charging Handle


Boost your AR-15’s performance with the CMMG Black Nylon Charging Handle Assembly. Keep spent casings at bay. Enhance your 22AR conversions. Experience durable, black nylon craftsmanship. Say hello to smoother, hiccup-free shooting sessions.

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Are you tired of spent casings ruining your shooting practice? Meet the CMMG 22BA596 Assembly for AR-15. This high-grade component, crafted with black nylon, ensures a smooth shooting experience. Say goodbye to lodged casings between your bolt and charging handle. With the CMMG 22BA596, enhance your 22AR conversions like never before.

Quality Craftsmanship

Here’s a product that embodies durability and quality. CMMG is known for their expertise in firearm accessories. And this assembly? It’s no exception. The black nylon construction offers robustness that’s rare. It’s built to last, just like your AR-15.

Simplified Shooting

Shoot with precision. With the 22BA596, your bolt and charging handle remain free of spent casings. This means fewer interruptions, more focus. Shoot like a pro, with no unwanted hitches.

Perfect for 22AR Conversions

Planning on a 22AR conversion? This assembly makes it a breeze. It’s tailor-made for such transitions. So, prepare for a seamless swap and ace your conversions.

What’s Included

  • 1x CMMG 22BA596 Assembly for AR-15 (Black Nylon)

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