CZ-USA 01152 CZ 75 SP-01 *CA Compliant 9mm Luger


Get your hands on the CZ 75 SP-01, the first full-size handgun from CZ. It boasts superior ergonomics, reduced recoil, and a corrosion-resistant black polycoat finish. Experience comfort and control like never before.

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Welcome to the CZ 75 SP-01. A sleek, robust handgun that hits the bullseye for both performance and style. Handcrafted with the unique ergonomics of the NATO-approved CZ 75 Compact P-01 model, it marks CZ’s entry into full-size handguns.

When you look closer, you’ll see the CZ 75 SP-01’s features that set it apart. It sports a 1913 accessory rail snugly fitted onto the dust cover. This smart redistribution of mass helps reduce recoil, enabling quicker target acquisition and transition.

The black polycoat finish? That’s not just for looks. It’s a corrosion-resistant coating that ensures your handgun stands the test of time.

The CZ 75 SP-01 comes with an extended beavertail, a key feature that keeps your strong hand safe. Plus, it allows for a deeper, secure grip. Thanks to thoughtful checkering on the front and back straps, holding this handgun feels natural, almost instinctive.

Let’s not forget its impressive 4.60″ non-tilted, cold hammer forged barrel. This component guarantees durability and accuracy. It’s paired with a railed/serrated slide, a serrated trigger guard, and a picatinny rail.

In your hands, you’ll feel the robust, black rubber grips. Comfort and control, blended together perfectly.

What’s Included:

  • CZ 75 SP-01 Handgun
  • Black Polycoat Steel Frame with Picatinny Rail
  • Non-Tilted, Cold Hammer Forged 4.60″ Barrel
  • Black Rubber Grips
  • Black Railed/Serrated Slide

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