CZ-USA 01190 CZ 75 Compact: The Ideal Compact 9mm Luger


Introducing the CZ-USA 01190 CZ 75 Compact—a CA Compliant 9mm Luger firearm tailored for both the experienced and the novice shooter. Compact and practical, this model retains the strength of its full-sized counterparts but in a more convenient and concealable package.

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Compact, Practical Design: Standing 5″ tall with a 3.75″ non-tilted, cold hammer forged barrel, the CZ 75 Compact trims down the length by over 3/4″ and the height by about 1/2″ compared to the full-size CZ 75. Its reduced dimensions facilitate easy concealment under regular clothing without compromising on performance.

Exceptional Functionality: The CZ 75 Compact operates on a DA/SA action system with a manual safety lever. It offers two carry options: single-action operation with the hammer-back and safety on, or manually decocked for a double-action first shot. This flexibility eliminates the need to remember to disengage the safety before firing, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

Safety Features: Emphasizing user safety, this model includes a safety stop on the hammer and a firing pin block safety. These features minimize the risk of accidental discharge, providing a safe shooting environment for both the user and bystanders.

Unmatched Durability: Despite its compact size, the CZ 75 Compact maintains the steel frame of the original 75, losing only 2.4 oz of weight. This makes it the softest-shooting compact in the CZ 75 line, providing a comfortable and controlled shooting experience without compromising on robustness.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Sporting a black inside railed slide and a black polycoat steel finish with a serrated trigger guard and beavertail, this model radiates a sleek, professional appeal. The black polymer grips offer a firm and comfortable hold, enhancing accuracy and control.

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