FN 3848950440 PS90 5.7x28mm 16″ Barrel 10+1, Matte Black Synthetic Thumbhole Bullpup Stock, Optics Ready


Step into the future with the FN 3848950440 PS90 5.7x28mm. It’s compact, ambidextrous, and designed for precision. With its non-magnifying optics and reduced recoil, every shot you take is a game-changer.

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Meet the FN 3848950440 PS90 5.7x28mm. It’s your new partner in precision. Its streamlined, Matte Black Synthetic Thumbhole Bullpup Stock is more than just eye-catching. This masterpiece gives you the agility you need when seconds matter.

It’s light as a feather, yet tough as nails. This compact beast is entirely ambidextrous. Perfect for both left and right-handed shooters. Your personal defense, security operations, or target practice? It has you covered.

Now, imagine you’re at the range. Picture an extended 16″ barrel in your hands. Feel its closed bolt operation. Experience the razor-sharp accuracy it offers. The PS90 lets you be one with your target.

Ever had trouble with ejected cases? Forget about it. Downward ejection in the PS90 keeps those annoyances away. Your uninterrupted focus? Guaranteed. Your next shot? Precisely where you want it.

The PS90’s non-magnifying optical sight is your key to effortless target acquisition. No more losing sight. No more missing out. Stay on point, every single time.

Reduced recoil? You bet. The PS90’s built-in muzzle break makes shooting a breeze.

Your PS90 Package Includes:

  • FN 3848950440 PS90 5.7x28mm firearm
  • Matte Black Synthetic Thumbhole Bullpup Stock
  • Non-magnifying optics
  • 16″ Barrel
  • 10+1 round capacity

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