Gatling Gun 10 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod (FFL Item)

Gatling Gun 10 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod (FFL Item)


Experience the thrill of history with the Gatling Gun 10 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod. This modern take on a classic invention combines rapid-fire shooting, precision targeting, and an attractive oak tripod. Don’t miss out on this perfect blend of power and fun!

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Gatling Gun 10 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod: Unleash the Fun

A Nod to History: Gatling Gun’s Origins The Gatling Gun, a rapid-fire, multi-barrel wonder, was invented by Richard Gatling in 1861. Today, we bring you a modern twist on this classic with the Gatling Gun 10 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod! Fun and thrilling, this firearm will surely excite enthusiasts.

Impeccable Features: Power Meets Flexibility Our 10-barrel Gatling Gun isn’t just a showpiece. It’s a functional, high-quality firearm with features that will impress:

  • Caliber: 9mm for maximum firepower
  • Action: Hand-crank mechanism for rapid shooting
  • Barrel Length: 10 inches, ideal for stability
  • Magazines: Glock-compatible (1 33 Rd or 1 State compliant)
  • Weight: 76 lbs, a solid shooting platform
  • Elevation: 5 degrees for precision targeting
  • Traverse: 120 degrees of flexibility


What are the benefits of the Gatling Gun 10 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod?

This firearm is a perfect fusion of history and modern technology. It offers rapid shooting, precision targeting, and an exciting experience for firearm enthusiasts.

Is this Gatling Gun easy to operate?

Yes! Its hand-crank mechanism allows for quick and easy operation, ensuring a thrilling shooting experience.

Can I use other Glock magazines with this Gatling Gun?

Absolutely! Our Gatling Gun is compatible with any Glock magazine, offering versatility and convenience.

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