Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod (FFL Item)

Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod (FFL Item)


The Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod offers a one-of-a-kind shooting experience that combines history, power, and performance. This modern interpretation of the classic Gatling gun allows you to channel your inner marksman, unleashing rapid-fire action with every turn of the hand crank. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece of American history and elevate your shooting game to new heights.

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Unleash the Power: Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod

A Modern Take on a Classic Firearm

Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod – a one-of-a-kind shooting experience for firearm enthusiasts. This modern version of the legendary Gatling gun combines history with innovative design, giving you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Elevate your shooting game and make a statement at the range with this iconic firearm.

A Storied History: Gatling Gun Origins

The Gatling gun, invented by Dr. Richard J. Gatling in 1861, revolutionized warfare with its rapid-fire capabilities. Known for its use in the Civil War and other conflicts, this iconic firearm holds a special place in the annals of American history. Now, you can own a piece of that history with the Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod.

Exclusive Features & Unparalleled Performance

The Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod boasts:

  • 16 rotating barrels: rapid-fire action to satisfy your inner marksman
  • 9mm caliber: versatile and widely available ammunition
  • Glock magazine compatibility: uses 1 33-round Glock magazine or 1 state-compliant magazine (depending on your location)
  • Hand crank operation: unleash a hail of bullets with every turn
  • Sturdy 48″ oak tripod: stable shooting platform for accuracy and reliability
  • No special stamps required: classified as “other”; only requires an FFL transfer
  • MSRP: $6,900.00: a premium investment for a premium firearm experience


What are the benefits of the Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) Oak Tripod?

  • Experience a unique, adrenaline-pumping shooting experience
  • Own a piece of American history with a modern twist
  • Enjoy rapid-fire capabilities with a hand crank operation
  • Achieve stable and accurate shooting with the included oak tripod

Does the Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) require any special permits or stamps?

No special permits or stamps are required, as the Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) is classified as “other.” An FFL transfer is all that’s needed.

What kind of magazines does the Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) use?

The Gatling Gun 16 Barrel (9mm) is compatible with Glock magazines, including the 33-round Glock magazine or a state-compliant magazine, depending on your location.



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