GLOCK 26 Build Kit

GLOCK 26 Build Kit


Assemble your custom Glock 26 with ease using this comprehensive Builders Kit, complete with slide, barrel, lower parts kit, and magazine for reliable performance.

Build your dream Glock 26 from scratch with this all-inclusive Builders Kit, featuring high-quality components and a pre-built slide for quick and easy assembly.

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Glock 26 Builders Kit: Craft Your Ideal Subcompact Firearm

Glock 26 Slide with Front & Rear Serrations

Begin building your Glock 26 with the included slide, featuring front and rear serrations for improved grip and control. The black nitrided finish adds durability and style to your custom pistol.

Stainless Steel Guide Rod

Enhance your Glock 26’s performance with the stainless steel guide rod, ensuring smooth and reliable operation during use.

Steel Sights

Equip your Glock 26 with steel sights for improved accuracy and target acquisition, giving you the edge in any situation.


This kit includes a high-quality Glock 26 barrel, precision-engineered to deliver outstanding performance and longevity.

G26 Lower Parts Kit

Complete your Glock 26 build with the included G26 lower parts kit, providing all the essential components for a successful assembly.

G26 ETS Magazine 10rd

Stay prepared with the G26 ETS 10-round magazine, designed for seamless compatibility and reliable performance with your custom Glock 26.

Pre-built G26 Slide

Enjoy the convenience of a pre-built G26 slide, allowing for a quicker and easier assembly process.


What are the benefits of the Glock 26 Builders Kit?

This kit offers all the essential components to build a custom Glock 26, including a slide, barrel, lower parts kit, and magazine, ensuring high-quality performance and reliability.

Is this kit compatible with other Glock models?

This kit is specifically designed for the Glock 26 model and is not guaranteed to be compatible with other Glock models.

Can I use this kit to upgrade my existing Glock 26?

Yes, the Glock 26 Builders Kit can be used to upgrade or customize your current Glock 26 pistol.






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