The Glock G29 Short Frame brings together compact design, ease of handling, and accuracy to create a superior shooting experience.

Designed for Comfort

The G29 features a comfortable short frame that is both easy to handle and incredibly accurate, making it a reliable choice for various shooting scenarios.

Consistent Safe Action System

The G29 integrates Glock’s trusted Safe Action system, delivering a consistent trigger pull from the first round to the last.

Triple Safety Feature

Built into the pistol’s fire control system are three automatic, independently-operating mechanical safeties. These safeguards disengage sequentially when the trigger is pulled and reengage automatically when it’s released.

Lightweight and Robust Frame

Its polymer frame, reinforced with hardened steel guides, features an ideal grip angle and lightweight design, enhancing user comfort during operation.

Advanced Surface Treatment

The G29’s slide receives an advanced surface treatment, significantly reducing wear and enhancing corrosion resistance. This treatment, combined with the slide’s matte surface, reduces light reflection for discreet use.

Loaded Chamber Indicator

The G29 also includes an extractor that functions as a loaded chamber indicator. This feature allows for the visual and physical verification of a cartridge in the chamber.

With its compact design, consistent trigger pull, and robust safety features, the Glock G29 Short Frame stands as a testament to Glock’s commitment to performance and safety.