Glock G26 Gen3 Subcompact 9mm Luger


Harness fast, accurate shooting with the Glock G26 Gen3. Its advanced safety features, hardened polymer frame, and cold-hammer-forged barrel ensure reliable operation and uncompromised performance.

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Introducing the Glock PI2650204BBBWFLAG G26 Gen3 Subcompact 9mm Luger, your perfect partner for quick, accurate shooting. This compact powerhouse marries minimum recoil with maximum accuracy, promising a quick-fire experience unlike any other.

This Glock gem comes with:

  • Safe Action System: Consistent trigger pull from start to finish, enhancing control and accuracy.
  • Triple Safety Mechanism: Three automatic safeties integrated into the pistol’s fire control system, increasing operational security.
  • Polymer Frame: Designed with hardened steel guides, the polymer frame ensures low weight and ideal grip angle.
  • Optimized Controls: Easily accessible slide stop lever and magazine catch, designed for smooth operation with your shooting hand.
  • Advanced Surface Treatment: Offering optimal hardness, reduced wear and tear, and corrosion resistance—even under saltwater conditions.
  • Cold-Hammer Forged Barrel: Mechanically locked and treated with the same advanced surface as the slide for longevity.
  • Loaded Chamber Indicator: Complies with certain state laws, visually and physically indicating the presence of a cartridge in the chamber.

Choose the Glock G26 Gen3 for a reliable, compact firearm that packs a punch with every pull of the trigger.

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