Glock G31 Gen3 – High-Velocity 357 Sig Handgun with a 4.49″ Barrel


The Glock G31 Gen3 impresses with its high muzzle velocity, reliable safety features, and ergonomic design. This 357 Sig handgun is engineered for long-distance shooting and dependable performance.

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Meet the Glock G31 Gen3, a handgun that uniquely combines high muzzle velocity with robust construction, making it ideal for long-distance shooting scenarios.

High Muzzle Velocity

The Glock G31 is distinguished by its remarkable muzzle velocity, making it the go-to choice for shooters aiming for impressive distances.

Trustworthy Safe Action System

Equipped with Glock’s patented Safe Action system, the G31 delivers an unvarying trigger pull from the first round to the last, ensuring reliable operation.

Triple Safety Features

This model comes with three automatic and independently operating mechanical safeties integrated into its fire control system. As the trigger is pulled, these safeties disengage sequentially, automatically re-engaging once the trigger is released.

Ergonomic Design

The frame, made from durable polymer with hardened steel guides, offers an ideal grip angle and a surprisingly low weight. This ergonomic design allows easy operation of the slide stop lever and the magazine catch with the shooting hand.

Enhanced Surface Treatment

The slide features an advanced surface treatment that optimizes hardness and minimizes wear and tear, making it resistant to corrosion, even under saltwater conditions. Its matte surface also helps minimize light reflection, an essential feature for tactical use.

Cold-Hammer-Forged Barrel

The Glock G31 boasts a mechanically locked and cold-hammer-forged barrel. Like the slide, the barrel also benefits from the same advanced surface treatment, improving its durability and performance.

Loaded Chamber Indicator

To adhere to the laws of specific states, the Glock G31’s extractor also serves as a loaded chamber indicator, providing visual and physical confirmation of a cartridge in the chamber.

In summary, the Glock G31 Gen3 stands out with its high muzzle velocity and robust build, making it an excellent choice for long-distance shooting. It’s not just a handgun; it’s a reliable companion for all your shooting adventures.

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