Glock PI3437101 G34 Gen3: Superior Performance Meets Durability


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The Glock PI3437101 G34 Gen3 Competition 9mm Luger Pistol brings competition-level accuracy, safety, and durability. Featuring a 5.31″ barrel, 10+1 capacity, and Safe Action system, it sets the standard in competition handguns.

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Discover the excellence of the Glock PI3437101 G34 Gen3 Competition 9mm Luger Pistol, a masterstroke in the world of competition handguns. This piece comes with an extended 5.31″ barrel, 10+1 capacity, and a refined flat dark earth frame contrasted by a matte black slide.

Enhanced Performance Features:

With its longer slide dimensions and elongated distance between sights, the Glock 34 Competition promotes superior precision and accuracy. This design facilitates a smooth sighting experience and improves your aim.

Safe Action System:

At the heart of this Glock model lies the Safe Action system, ensuring a consistent trigger pull from the first to the last round. With three automatic, independently operating mechanical safeties, it safeguards users while delivering exceptional performance.

Ergonomic Design:

The Glock 34 Competition offers an ideal grip angle and a finger grooved rough texture grip. This design ensures a comfortable and firm grip, enhancing control during shooting sessions.

Superior Durability:

Crafted with a polymer frame featuring hardened steel guides, the Glock 34 Competition is designed to withstand intense use. The advanced surface treatment of the slide ensures optimal hardness, significantly reducing wear and tear and offering corrosion resistance, even in saltwater conditions.

Convenient Usability:

The slide stop lever and the magazine catch are easily operated with the shooting hand, promoting effortless usability. The matte surface of the slide minimizes light reflection, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the pistol over time.

Advanced Barrel and Safety Indicators:

The mechanically locked and cold-hammer forged 5.31″ barrel features the same advanced treatment as the slide. Additionally, the extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator, visually and physically indicating the presence of a cartridge in the chamber.

With its blend of high performance, advanced safety, and durability, the Glock PI3437101 G34 Gen3 Competition 9mm Luger Pistol is the go-to choice for competition-level accuracy and control.

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