Glock G35 Gen3 Competition: Ca. Compliant in .40 S&W


The Glock G35 Gen3 Competition is a superior .40 S&W handgun designed for competitive shooting. It offers unparalleled precision and performance with an extended barrel, long line of sight, and advanced features.

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Introducing the Glock G35 Gen3 Competition, a firearm designed with competition in mind. With its extended barrel and extra long line of sight, the G35 Gen3 offers remarkable accuracy in the .40 S&W category, making it a preferred choice among competitive shooters.

Engineered for Precision

The Glock 35 Competition excels in providing an extended barrel and a long line of sight. These characteristics improve accuracy and control, making it an ideal handgun for competitive shooting. Step up your game with this high-performing Glock model.

Consistent Safe Action System

As with all Glock models, the G35 Gen3 features Glock’s proprietary Safe Action System. This mechanism guarantees a consistent trigger pull from the first round to the last, ensuring a reliable performance every time.

Triple Safety Mechanism

Three automatic, independently operating mechanical safeties are embedded within the Glock 35’s fire control system. These safeties disengage in sequential order when the trigger is pulled and automatically reengage upon release, offering unmatched safety in operation.

Ergonomic, Lightweight Frame

Constructed from durable polymer with hardened steel guides, the Glock 35 Gen3 Competition’s frame offers an ideal grip angle for superior handling. Its lightweight design further enhances usability, making it a comfortable choice for long periods of competitive shooting.

Advanced Surface Treatment

The Glock 35’s slide undergoes an advanced surface treatment, resulting in optimal hardness and significantly reducing wear and tear. This treatment provides corrosion resistance, even in saltwater conditions, and the matte finish minimizes light reflection, allowing you to focus on the target.

Cold-Hammer-Forged Barrel

The Glock 35 Gen3 Competition’s 5.31″ barrel is mechanically locked and cold-hammer-forged for enhanced durability and longevity. Like the slide, the barrel receives advanced surface treatment, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Loaded Chamber Indicator

In compliance with certain state laws, the Glock 35’s extractor also serves as a loaded chamber indicator, offering a visual and physical signal when a cartridge is in the chamber.

The Glock G35 Gen3 Competition is a powerful, precision-engineered firearm designed to excel in competitive shooting. For those seeking a competitive edge in the .40 S&W category, the G35 Gen3 is your firearm of choice.

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