Glock G38 Gen3 Compact 45 GAP – Black Frame with Rough Texture Grip


The Glock G38 Gen3 Compact 45 GAP is your reliable companion for carry. It pairs Glock’s renowned Safe Action system with three automatic safeties for smooth operation. Its polymer frame ensures lightness and comfort, while advanced surface treatment promises durability and corrosion resistance.

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Introducing the Glock G38 Gen3 Compact 45 GAP, a perfect blend of comfort and performance.

Superior Glock Mechanics

At the heart of this compact firearm is Glock’s Safe Action system. This system provides a consistent trigger pull from the first to the last round. Furthermore, the pistol comes with three automatic, independently operating mechanical safeties built right into its fire control system. This guarantees a smooth and safe shooting experience every time.

Sturdy Build for Longevity

The G38’s frame is crafted from polymer with hardened steel guides, combining lightweight comfort with a sturdy build. You’ll find the slide stop lever and the magazine catch easy to operate with your shooting hand.

Resilient and Resistant

One of the standout features of the G38 is its durability. The slide has undergone an advanced surface treatment to enhance hardness, thereby reducing wear and tear. This treatment also renders the pistol corrosion-resistant, making it reliable even in saltwater conditions.

Loaded Chamber Indicator

Moreover, the extractor of the G38 doubles as a loaded chamber indicator. This feature not only aligns with the laws of certain states but also provides both visual and physical cues to indicate if there’s a cartridge in the chamber of the pistol.

So, step up your game with the Glock G38 Gen3 Compact 45 GAP. It’s more than a gun; it’s an experience.

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