Compact & Powerful Glock G39 Gen3 – Subcompact 45 GAP


The Glock G39 Gen3 Subcompact 45 GAP is the perfect blend of compact size and power. Enjoy Glock’s Safe Action system, three automatic safeties, and durable construction in this easy-to-carry firearm.

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Meet the Glock G39 Gen3 Subcompact 45 GAP, a compact yet powerful handgun delivering outstanding accuracy and performance.

Exceptional Glock Mechanics

Central to this subcompact firearm is Glock’s renowned Safe Action system, offering a consistent trigger pull across all rounds. The G39 comes with three automatic, independently-operating mechanical safeties embedded in the fire control system, enhancing safety and reliability.

Durable Construction for Lasting Performance

The G39 boasts a polymer frame with hardened steel guides, blending lightweight comfort with durability. The slide stop lever and magazine catch are ergonomically designed for easy operation.

Resilient and Resistant

The G39 stands out for its resilience. The slide undergoes an advanced surface treatment, enhancing hardness, reducing wear and tear, and boosting corrosion resistance, even under saltwater conditions.

Loaded Chamber Indicator

The G39 extractor serves as a loaded chamber indicator, meeting certain state laws, and offering both visual and physical indications of a cartridge in the chamber.

Opt for the Glock G39 Gen3 Subcompact 45 GAP for a reliable, compact firearm with unbeatable performance.

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