Kahr Arms M9093NA MK: Compact Powerhouse in 9mm Luger


The Kahr Arms M9093NA MK brings powerful 9mm Luger firepower to a compact design. With its matte stainless steel finish, serrated slide, textured grip, and TruGlo night sights, it’s an excellent choice for personal defense.

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Meet the Kahr Arms M9093NA MK, a testament to Kahr Arms’ innovation and design capabilities. This compact 9mm Luger caliber handgun, barely larger than a .32, manages to pack a surprising punch. With dimensions of just 5.3″ long by 4″ high and less than 1″ in width, the M9093NA MK challenges traditional views about compact firearms.

Compact Yet Powerful

Despite its compact size, the M9093NA MK brings the power of a 9mm pistol into a package you’d normally associate with a .32. This remarkable feat of engineering underscores Kahr Arms’ commitment to providing robust self-defense options in highly portable designs.

Exceptional Finish

The overall matte stainless steel finish adds to the aesthetic appeal of the M9093NA MK while ensuring resistance against corrosion and wear. The clean, sleek design looks good and stands up to the rigors of everyday use.

Serrated Slide

Equipped with a serrated slide, the M9093NA MK ensures a firm grip when chambering rounds or inspecting the weapon. The carefully designed serrations enhance the handling experience, making operation smooth and reliable.

Textured Wraparound Grip

Further adding to its user-friendly design, the M9093NA MK features a textured wraparound black nylon grip. This provides a comfortable hold, promoting better control and accuracy even in tense situations.

Superior Sights

The M9093NA MK comes with TruGlo night sights, providing clear sight pictures in various lighting conditions. These high-performance sights enhance targeting accuracy, making the M9093NA MK an excellent choice for both day and night use.

Capacity & Convenience

Offering a 6+1 or 7+1 capacity, the M9093NA MK presents flexible ammunition storage options. Its compact size and high capacity make it a preferred choice for those seeking a powerful yet portable self-defense handgun.

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