LBE Unlimited ARDISC AR Parts Disconnector for AR-15


Upgrade your AR-15 with the LBE Unlimited ARDISC Disconnector. Enhance precision. Boost performance. Easy to install. Reliable. Your ticket to top-notch shooting experiences.

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Step up your game with the LBE Unlimited ARDISC Disconnector for AR-15. No ordinary piece of hardware. This is a game-changer. Engineered with the user in mind. It’s precision-made. Delivers consistent, reliable performance. Every single time.

Designed for Excellence

Crafted from top-notch materials. Robust. Resilient. Set to withstand the rigorous demands of frequent use. Its quality? Unmatched. A game of precision and accuracy. That’s what shooting with an AR-15 is about. Your hardware should echo this too.

User-Friendly Installation

Ease of installation? Check. Designed to fit your AR-15 seamlessly. No special tools required. A breeze to install. Just like that, you are ready. Bring on the action.

Reliable Performance

Every shot matters. You know it. We know it too. With the ARDISC Disconnector, consistency is a guarantee. You aim. You fire. Precise. Accurate. Time after time. No misses. No disappointments.

Increase Your AR-15 Efficiency

Optimize your AR-15 like never before. Increase its efficiency. Improve its performance. With the ARDISC Disconnector, it’s possible. Aim higher. Shoot better. Outperform yourself. Every time.

What’s Included?

  • 1 LBE Unlimited ARDISC AR Parts Disconnector for AR-15.

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