LBE Unlimited ARFAS20PK AR Forward Assist Forward Assist Spring for AR-15 (20 pc)


Take your AR-15’s functionality to the next level with LBE Unlimited ARFAS20PK Forward Assist Springs. Handy 20-pack. Easy installation. Your forward assist’s best partner.

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Elevate your AR-15’s functionality with the LBE Unlimited ARFAS20PK Forward Assist Spring. It’s more than a spring. It’s a performance booster. Created specifically for your AR-15. Comes as a useful 20-piece pack. Crafted for resilience.

Built for Durability

These springs are no regular springs. They’re strength embodied. Designed to ensure your forward assist works flawlessly. Providing durability. Enhancing consistency.

Boost Your Functionality

With the ARFAS20PK springs, your AR-15’s functionality soars. More efficient. More reliable. Your forward assist? Responsive like never before.

Hassle-free Installation

Worried about complex installation? No need. With these springs, installation is a cinch. No tricky tools. No fuss. Ready in a jiffy.

What’s Included?

  • 20 LBE Unlimited ARFAS20PK Forward Assist Springs for AR-15.

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