LBE Unlimited ARHAM AR Parts Hammer AR-15 Black Steel


Experience unparalleled shooting precision with the LBE Unlimited ARHAM AR Parts Hammer. Made from black 8620 steel. USA crafted. Easy installation. A game-changer for your AR-15.

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Gear up for an unmatched shooting experience with the LBE Unlimited ARHAM AR Parts Hammer. Not just any tool, but an ultimate game-changer. Designed for your AR-15. Crafted from black steel. Made with love, right here in the USA.

Engineered for Quality

Constructed from 8620 steel. Tough. Durable. Ready to take on the demands of any shooting session. With this hammer, quality is not an option. It’s a guarantee.

Made in the USA

American-made, just like your AR-15. The ARHAM Hammer brings to you the best of domestic craftsmanship. Robust. Reliable. Ready to perform.

Enhance Your Performance

Step into a new realm of precision. Achieve consistency in every shot. The ARHAM Hammer makes it possible. Up your game. Shoot like a pro.

Easy to Install

Worried about installation? Don’t be. The ARHAM Hammer fits into your AR-15 with ease. No complex tools needed. Get set and ready to go in no time.

What’s Included?

  • 1 LBE Unlimited ARHAM AR Parts Hammer for AR-15, Black Steel.

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