LWRC 2000070A01 Advance Combat Bolt LWCR Rifles 6.8 SPC Alloy


Experience the durability and reliability of the LWRC Advance Combat Bolt. Perfect for LWRC rifles chambered in 6.8mm. A robust, high-performing upgrade.


Introducing the LWRC 2000070A01 Advance Combat Bolt. Designed for LWRC rifles chambered in 6.8mm. A robust upgrade, crafted from alloy, that takes your firearm to the next level.

This replacement bolt is a perfect fit for both the Six8 line and the legacy M6 rifles with 6.8 SPC barrels. Ready to slot into any Mil-STD carrier and function seamlessly.

LWRC’s Advance Combat Bolts (ACBs) redefine durability. They feature a fully supported bolt face, eliminating the two undercuts on either side of the extractor pocket. Say goodbye to the traditional weaknesses of bolts.

And it doesn’t stop there. The extractor employs a dual-spring design. This triples its service life while increasing extraction force. It’s built to outlast and outperform.

Crafted from a super-alloy formulated to withstand extreme loads without failure, it’s the embodiment of resilience. The bolt is shot-peened for extra durability, taking its strength up another notch.

Its nickel-boron coating raises its strength even higher, while lowering the coefficient of friction. It’s all about enhanced performance and prolonged longevity.

Choosing the Six8 ACB is choosing the best for your 6.8mm SPC firearm.

What’s Included:

  1. LWRC 2000070A01 Advance Combat Bolt

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