LWRC 2000072A01 LWRCI Ambi QD Sling Mount with QD Swivel Black Metal


Elevate your rifle with the LWRCI Ambi QD Sling Mount and QD Swivel. Ambidextrous, sturdy, and user-friendly. Experience the upgrade.


Introducing the LWRC 2000072A01 LWRCI Ambi QD Sling Mount with QD Swivel. Sporting a sleek black metal design, this accessory revolutionizes your rifle setup.

This unique design brings you ambidextrous quick-detach (QD) sling mounts. Whether you’re left or right-handed, this sling mount has got you covered. Convenience is key, and with this, you’re sure to have it.

Secured at the bottom, this unit boasts two set screws. The first, a dog point screw, fits snugly into the groove at the buffer tube’s bottom. This ensures alignment remains consistent, keeping your rifle in check.

The second screw? A pointed tip screw. Once installed, this little marvel grabs onto the castle nuts. Say goodbye to the need to re-stake the castle nut, a clear time-saver and a fantastic convenience.

Included is a Daniel Defense quick disconnect swivel. A feature that sets it apart from the rest, enhancing your firearm usage.

What’s Included:

  1. LWRC 2000072A01 LWRCI Ambi QD Sling Mount
  2. QD Swivel

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