Magpul MAG247-ODG MBUS Sight Front Olive Drab Green Folding for AR-15, M16


Enhance your AR-15 or M16 with the Magpul MAG247-ODG MBUS Sight. This polymer folding back-up sight offers adjustable elevation, spring-loaded activation, and protective wings for a reliable and secure shooting experience. Made in the USA.

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Introducing the Magpul MAG247-ODG MBUS Sight, the ultimate low-cost, polymer folding back-up sight for your AR-15 or M16. Crafted with precision and designed for versatility, this sight offers both confidence and reliability in any situation. Engineered from color injection molded polymer, it ensures durability without compromising on weight.

The adjustable elevation feature allows you to fine-tune your aim effortlessly, while the spring-loaded flip-up mechanism ensures quick and easy activation from any side or by pressing the top release. With protective wings shielding the spring-locking A2 front sight post, your sight remains secure and ready for action.

Designed specifically for the AR15/M16 platform and compatible with most 1913 Picatinny-railed handguards, the Magpul MBUS Sight provides the same height over bore as standard A2 sights. Experience precise targeting with 1.6 MOA (1.886″/100m) per click and a 14.5″ sight radius, or opt for a 20.0″ sight radius and 1.2 MOA (1.367″/100m) per click.

Please note that the front MBUS sight must be mounted on a railed fore end, on the same plane as the receiver rail, and cannot be mounted on a railed gas block due to heat concerns. Additionally, this sight is not compatible with MOE Hand Guards.

Invest in quality and reliability with the Magpul MAG247-ODG MBUS Sight, proudly made in the USA.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Magpul MAG247-ODG MBUS Sight Front Olive Drab Green Folding

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