Magpul MAG370-BLK ACS Carbine Stock Black Synthetic for AR-15, M16, M4 with Mil-Spec Tube (Tube Not Included)


Upgrade your AR15/M4 carbine with the Magpul ACS Carbine Stock. This drop-in replacement buttstock provides unmatched versatility and storage options. It features dual battery storage tubes and an integral compartment for essential items. The rubber butt-pad ensures a secure grip even with body armor. Made in the USA.

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Upgrade your AR15/M4 carbine with the Magpul ACS (Adaptable Carbine/Storage) Mil-Spec Model, proudly manufactured in the USA. This drop-in replacement buttstock is designed for mil-spec sized receiver extension tubes, offering a seamless fit and exceptional performance.

With the ACS Carbine Stock, you gain more than just a reliable and comfortable shoulder rest. It features dual, rear accessible, water-resistant battery storage tubes, providing you with a convenient place to store extra batteries for your accessories. Additionally, the integral storage compartment in the stock’s butt offers ample space for storing essential items.

Never worry about slippage, even when wearing body armor or utilizing modular gear. The ACS Carbine Stock includes a 0.30″ thick rubber butt-pad, ensuring a secure shoulder purchase and enhanced stability during intense shooting sessions.

Designed for the modern shooter, this stock prioritizes convenience and adaptability. Its user-friendly design allows for quick and easy installation, enabling you to spend more time on the range. Whether you’re a professional or a dedicated enthusiast, the Magpul ACS Carbine Stock empowers you to customize your firearm to fit your needs perfectly.

Invest in the Magpul ACS Carbine Stock today and experience a new level of functionality and versatility for your AR-15. With its durable construction, reliable performance, and unparalleled storage options, this stock is a must-have addition to your firearm collection.

What’s Included:

  • Magpul ACS Carbine Stock
  • 0.30″ Thick Rubber Butt-Pad
  • Rear Accessible Water-Resistant Battery Storage Tubes (Dual)
  • Integral Storage Compartment in the Butt of the Stock

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