Magpul MAG400-BLK MOE Carbine Stock Black Synthetic for AR-15, M16, M4 Mil-Spec Tube (Tube Not Included)


Rev up your AR15/M16 with the USA-made Magpul MAG400-BLK MOE Carbine Stock. Its sleek design reduces snags, while its sturdy rubber butt-pad ensures a firm grip.

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Revamp Your AR-15 with Magpul MAG400-BLK MOE Carbine Stock

Built for speed. Crafted in the heartland of America, the Magpul MAG400-BLK MOE Carbine Stock replaces standard buttstocks for AR15/M16 carbines. It snugly fits on mil-spec receiver extension tubes, transforming your weapon into a lean, mean machine.

Sleek Design for Sharp Action

Shed the extra weight. Step up the speed. This stock sports an aerodynamic A-frame profile. Its design means no snags, ever. And, it safeguards the release latch. That means you’ll only activate it when you want to.

Firm Grip, Even in Rough Conditions

Are you a soldier? A law enforcement officer? This stock includes a thick, 0.30″ rubber butt-pad. You’ll enjoy a secure grip on your shoulder. No slips, not even when you’re wearing body armor or lugging around modular gear.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Magpul MAG400-BLK MOE Carbine Stock (Tube Not Included)
  • 0.30″ thick rubber butt-pad

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