Magpul MAG522-ODG MOE-K2 Grip Aggressive Textured OD Green Polymer for AR-15, AR-10, M4, M16, M110, SR25


Upgrade your AR15/M4 with the Magpul MOE-K2 Grip. Offers a more vertical grip angle, aggressive TSP texture, and compatibility with Storage Cores.

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Introducing the Magpul MAG522-ODG MOE-K2 Grip. This made in the USA, drop-in upgrade for AR15/M4’s is similar in concept to the MOE-K but features a full-size grip design offering a more vertical grip angle.

Optimized for PDW Configurations. The MOE-K2’s steeper vertical grip angle is optimized for use on Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) configurations and significantly improves comfort and control on short Length Of Pull (LOP) rifles that bring the primary hand closer to the shooter’s body.

Aggressive TSP Texture. With an aggressive Trapezoidal Surface Projections (TSP) texture, this grip ensures positive weapon control, reducing the risk of accidental discharge or mishandling.

Compatibility with Optional Storage Cores. This grip is also compatible with optional Storage Cores, offering convenient gear stowage, giving you the ability to carry important equipment right at your fingertips.

Unique Backstrap Design. The unique backstrap design of the K2 ensures proper trigger finger placement, providing enhanced ergonomics for more precise shooting.

All Mounting Hardware and Basic Grip Cap Included. The K2 grip comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and a basic grip cap, making the installation process easy and straightforward.

What’s Included

  • Magpul MAG522-ODG MOE-K2 Grip
  • Mounting hardware
  • Basic grip cap
  • Installation instructions

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