Magpul MAG523-FDE MOE Grip Aggressive Textured Flat Dark Earth Polymer for AK-47, AK-74


Upgrade your AK-pattern pistol grips with the Magpul MOE Grip. Designed for ergonomics and control with a TSP texture. Made to last with reinforced polymer.

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Introducing the Magpul MAG523-FDE MOE Grip. Made in the USA, this is a drop-in upgrade designed specifically for AK-pattern pistol grips, offering enhanced ergonomics and an aggressive TSP texture for positive weapon control.

Improved Ergonomics. The MOE AK Grip is designed to improve your handling of your weapon, providing a more comfortable grip for better control and precision.

Aggressive TSP Texture. The grip comes with a TSP (Trapezoidal Surface Projections) texture, which provides a firm grip on your weapon, increasing safety and accuracy.

One-Piece Reinforced Polymer Construction. Built to last, the MOE Grip is made from one-piece reinforced polymer, ensuring it can withstand rigorous use in various conditions.

Compatibility with Magpul Grip Cores. The grip is compatible with Magpul Grip Cores, allowing for storage customization. Make it yours with easy, convenient customization.

Enhanced AK Platform. With its superior design and construction, the MOE AK Grip is a valuable addition to the iconic AK platform. Enhance your weapon with the best of Magpul.

What’s Included

  • Magpul MAG523-FDE MOE Grip
  • Installation instructions

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