Magpul MAG524-BLK MOE Grip Panels Anti-Slip Texture Black Polymer for 1911 (Full Size)


Elevate your grip game with Magpul MOE Grip Panels. Anti-twist design, anti-slip texture, and quick magazine release. All in one sleek black polymer packag

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Introducing the Magpul MAG524-BLK MOE Grip Panels, tailor-made for full-size 1911’s. Proudly made in the USA, these grip panels feature high-grade, heavy-duty reinforced polymer.

Unique Diamond Shape. Designed with a diamond-shaped cross section, these panels prevent twisting in your hand, ensuring a firm, steady grip at all times.

Magazine Release Cut-out. Features an aggressive magazine release cut-out, making magazine swapping quick and effortless.

Anti-slip Texture. Equipped with a positive anti-slip texture, these panels ensure secure handling even in the most extreme conditions.

Ambidextrous Safety Compatible. Works seamlessly with ambidextrous safeties, providing an added layer of safety and control.

Magpul Value and Control. Elevate your 1911 grip with advanced features, improved control, and unrivaled Magpul value.

Fits Full-size 1911’s. Perfectly crafted to fit full-size framed 1911’s with standard grip screw bushings.

What’s Included

  • Magpul MAG524-BLK MOE Grip Panels
  • Installation instructions

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