Magpul MAG527-BLK MBUS Pro LR Adjustable Sight Rear Black Adjustable for AR-15


The Magpul MAG527-BLK MBUS Pro LR Adjustable Sight Rear is a precise, durable upgrade for your AR-15. Featuring an elevation adjustment wheel and dual apertures, it guarantees improved target engagement at various distances.

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Magpul MAG527-BLK MBUS Pro LR Adjustable Sight Rear – A High Precision Upgrade for Your AR-15

Welcome to the next level of firearm customization with the Magpul MAG527-BLK MBUS Pro LR Adjustable Sight Rear. Designed for AR-15 platforms, this product builds on the sleek styling of the original MBUS Pro, incorporating an elevation adjustment wheel for more accurate target engagement at variable distances.

Low Profile, High Functionality Design

The MBUS Pro LR Adjustable Sight Rear maintains the low-profile design that made its predecessor so popular. Even when stowed, this sight is hardly noticeable, maintaining your AR-15’s sleek look.

All Steel, Corrosion Resistant Construction

Constructed entirely from steel, this adjustable sight rear is case-hardened and finished with Melonite for ultimate resistance to wear and corrosion. This results in a robust sighting solution that will last you for years.

Elevation Adjustment Wheel

The main feature of the MBUS Pro LR is its elevation adjustment wheel. It allows for precise adjustments for distances between 200-600 meters, with 50-meter increment adjustments.

Positive Detents

The sight includes positive detents that keep it at the standard AR sight height when deployed, ensuring consistency and precision with every use.

Dual Aperture Diameters

This sight rear offers two aperture diameters – a small aperture of 0.07 in and a large aperture of 0.19 in, providing options to suit your specific shooting needs.

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