Magpul MAG538-ODG MOE SL Handguard AR-Platform OD Green Polymer


Welcome the American-made Magpul MAG538-ODG MOE SL Handguard for AR15/M4. Offers modular flexibility, light yet durable, with extra M-LOK slots for customization. A sleek upgrade awaits!


Introducing the Magpul MAG538-ODG MOE SL Handguard for AR-Platform!

Crafted in the USA, this MOE SL Hand Guard is a valuable addition to AR15/M4 firearms with carbine-length gas systems and A2 front sights. This lightweight and sleek handguard is designed to add functional flexibility and modern aesthetics to your firearm without breaking the bank.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Modular Flexibility: Features M-LOK accessory slots. This means more customization options to suit your specific needs.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy: It’s made from heat-resistant polymer, providing operational durability minus the weight and cost of an aluminum rail handguard.
  • More M-LOK Slots: Spots at two, six, and ten o’clock. Attach optional Picatinny rail sections or other M-LOK accessories as desired.
  • User-Friendly Design: A large front extension and lower lip protect you from the hot front sight assembly. Maximizes useable handguard length.

Simple to install using the existing delta ring and round front handguard retaining cap with A2 front sight assembly*. This Hand Guard is not compatible with piston-operated AR platforms. The factory sling swivel must be removed from the A2 front sight assembly if equipped.

What’s included:

  • Magpul MAG538-ODG MOE SL Handguard (OD Green)
  • Installation Instructions

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