Magpul MAG585-BLK ZHUKOV-S Stock Folding Right Side Black Synthetic for AK-Platform


Kick your AK experience up a notch with the Magpul MAG585-BLK ZHUKOV-S Stock. This USA-made, folding, and collapsible stock is designed to offer superior compatibility and traction. Upgrade your AK, and redefine your shooting experience.

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Step Up Your AK Game with the Magpul MAG585-BLK ZHUKOV-S Stock

Raise your sights and say “goodbye” to traditional AK stock shortcomings. Meet the Magpul MAG585-BLK ZHUKOV-S Stock. This ain’t your granddaddy’s stock, folks. Born in the USA, this is a high-quality, no-compromise folding stock for the modern AK.

The ZHUKOV-S Stock brings new meaning to versatility. It’s all about that right-side folding action. Why does that matter? Easy. It means full compatibility with side-mounted optics. You get the best view, with zero hassle.

Upgraded Features for Enhanced Performance

A closer look reveals more than just a pretty face. The ZHUKOV-S Stock offers modular Cheek Risers, perfect for customizing your fit. It also features QD sling mounts, giving you more ways to carry. But that’s not all.

This bad boy sports a shock-absorbing rubber butt-pad. Translation? Superior traction for those non-stop shooting days.

Made for a Perfect Fit

Think fitting a new stock is a pain? Think again. The ZHUKOV-S Stock slides onto most common stamped AK receivers. And the best part? No need for modifications. This stock attaches via a unique wedge block. It’s like a glove for your AK.

Constructed from durable injection molded polymer, the ZHUKOV-S Stock is built to last. It’s the upgrade that keeps on giving.

What’s in the Box?

  1. Magpul MAG585-BLK ZHUKOV-S Stock
  2. Modular Cheek Risers
  3. QD sling mounts
  4. Shock-absorbing rubber butt-pad
  5. Unique wedge block for easy installation

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