Magpul MAG585-FDE ZHUKOV-S Stock Folding Right Side Flat Dark Earth Synthetic for AK-Platform


Meet the Magpul MAG585-FDE ZHUKOV-S Stock, your modern AK’s best mate. It offers folding, collapsible design, superior traction, and modular Cheek Risers. A game changer!

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Magpul MAG585-FDE ZHUKOV-S Stock: Revolutionizing AK Experience

Say hello to the Magpul MAG585-FDE ZHUKOV-S Stock, the no-compromise folding stock designed for today’s AK.

Superior Traction and Functionality

This isn’t your traditional AK stock. It tosses away the shortcomings and introduces a folding, collapsible stock with a shock-absorbing rubber butt-pad for superior traction.

Convenient Design

The Zhukov-S Stock is made for the modern AK user, featuring right-side folding for compatibility with side-mounted optics.

Modular Cheek Risers and QD Sling Mounts

To elevate your AK experience, it offers modular Cheek Risers and QD sling mounts. These features allow for custom adjustments to fit your comfort and shooting style.

Easy Fitment

The durable injection molded polymer Zhukov-S Stock fits most common stamped AK receivers without any modifications, thanks to its unique wedge block.

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