Magpul MAG616-FDE MOE Stock Fixed Flat Dark Earth Synthetic for AK-Platform


Elevate your AK-platform rifle with the Magpul MAG616-FDE MOE Stock. This fixed stock offers a unique wedge block fitment, convenient storage, and a shock-absorbing butt-pad – all in a Flat Dark Earth Synthetic finish.

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Magpul MAG616-FDE MOE Stock – A Robust Upgrade for Your AK-Platform Rifle

Introducing the Magpul MAG616-FDE MOE Stock – a USA-made, fixed stock designed specifically for most stamped-receiver rifles. With its Flat Dark Earth Synthetic finish, it brings Magpul’s innovative design and high-quality construction to the esteemed AK platform.

Unique Design & Functional Features

This MOE Stock incorporates the unique wedge block fitment of the Zhukov-S Stock. This feature optimizes the stock’s fit to the rifle, ensuring stability and reliability during use.

Convenient Internal Storage

The MOE Stock offers convenient internal storage. This feature allows for the safekeeping of essential items such as cleaning tools, giving you handy access when needed.

Optimized Sling Swivel Placement

To enhance its usability, this stock has optimized Quick Detach (QD) sling swivel placement. This allows for secure and efficient sling attachment, improving rifle handling and maneuverability.

Shock-Absorbing Rubber Butt-Pad

The stock features a shock-absorbing rubber butt-pad, providing positive placement and reducing recoil impact. This enhances your shooting comfort and the overall handling of your firearm.

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