Matrix Diversified Ind MAGCOM61KM Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit AR-15 Kryptek Mandrake Ambidextrous


Matrix Diversified’s ambidextrous kit is your AR-15 game-changer. Featuring premium Magpul components, and a striking Kryptek Mandrake finish. Turn your AR-15 into a unique sporting rifle. Easy installation. Absolute comfort and control.

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Revamp Your AR-15 with Matrix Diversified! A custom sporting rifle is now in the palm of your hands. The Matrix Diversified Ind MAGCOM61KM takes your ordinary AR-15 to the next level. How? Let’s dig in.

This kit isn’t ordinary. No sir, it’s ambidextrous. Southpaw or righty – it doesn’t matter. It’s got you covered.

We’re talking Magpul Original Equipment (MOE). Industry-respected and battle-tested. A Gen 2 Commercial-Spec setup, one of the finest.

Worried about installation? No stress. These components arrive pre-dipped in the stunning Kryptek Mandrake finish. It’s not just any furniture. It’s furniture that’s ready-to-roll right out of the box.

So, what’s in the kit?

  • MOE Carbine Buttstock: Solid, sturdy. The backbone of your custom build.
  • MOE Carbine Hand Guard: Protects your hands, improves control.
  • MOE Pistol Grip: Enhanced comfort and precision. Say goodbye to slippage.
  • MOE Vertical Grip (MVG): Better handling, better aim. Take control.
  • MOE Trigger Guard: Safety first. Always.
  • 10rd PMAG Magazine: High-capacity, top-notch reliability.

Transform your AR-15 into a personalized modern sporting rifle with the Matrix Diversified Ind MAGCOM61KM.

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