Matrix Diversified Ind MAGCOMNV Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit AR-15 Next G-1 Vista Ambidextrous


Unleash your AR-15’s true potential with the Matrix Diversified Ind Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit. Personalize your rifle with top-notch Magpul Original Equipment. Turn your ordinary firearm into an extraordinary one.

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Turn Your AR-15 into a Personal Powerhouse with the Matrix Diversified Ind MAGCOMNV Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit. Here’s your chance to make your rifle a true extension of your individual style. This kit, designed for an AR-15, is as unique as you are.

First up, you’ll receive the Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) Gen 2 Mil-Spec parts. These aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill components. Nope. These are the real deal. Sturdy. Dependable. They give your AR-15 the upgrade it deserves.

The centerpiece is the MOE carbine buttstock. Comfortable. Durable. It’s built to last, just like you.

Don’t forget the MOE carbine handguard. A solid grip is essential, and this handguard delivers.

What about the MOE pistol grip? That’s covered, too. Because control is crucial.

We even added an MOE Vertical Grip (MVG). Just because we could. And because it’s awesome.

You also get the MOE trigger guard. Because we thought of everything.

But we’re not done. No way. The cherry on top is the 30rd PMAG magazine. Because firepower is a beautiful thing.

In the box:

  • 1 MOE carbine buttstock
  • 1 MOE carbine hand guard
  • 1 MOE pistol grip
  • 1 MOE Vertical Grip (MVG)
  • 1 MOE trigger guard
  • 1 30rd PMAG magazine

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