Matrix Diversified Ind MAGMIL40GH Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit AR-15 Proveil Digital Ghillie Ambidextrous


Uncover the full potential of your AR-15. The Matrix Diversified Ind Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit, in Proveil Digital Ghillie, offers a suite of Gen 2 Mil-Spec parts. Customize your firearm, enhance control, and gain an edge over the competition. Own it now.

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Unleash your AR-15’s potential with the Matrix Diversified Ind Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit. Brought to life with Proveil’s digital ghillie design, this kit is the perfect solution for personalizing your weapon. A pure representation of style, strength, and versatility.

This kit is a treasure trove, packed with Gen 2 Mil-Spec components. Inside, you’ll find the MOE carbine buttstock, a crucial part that gives you the perfect shoulder fit. The MOE carbine hand guard, designed to protect your hand from heat and provide better control.

Your kit also includes the MOE pistol grip, giving you a firm, comfortable hold. The MOE Vertical Grip (MVG), designed for the modern warrior, aids in faster target acquisition.

An MOE trigger guard gives extra space for gloved fingers, offering you unparalleled comfort. And, as an added perk, we’re throwing in a 30rd PMAG magazine, giving your AR-15 more firepower.

With the Matrix Diversified Ind MAGMIL40GH, you get more than just parts. You get an edge on the competition. Own it now.

What’s Included:

  • MOE carbine buttstock
  • MOE carbine hand guard
  • MOE pistol grip
  • MOE Vertical Grip (MVG)
  • MOE trigger guard
  • One 30rd PMAG magazine

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