Matrix Diversified Ind MAGMIL42WF Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit AR-15 Wildfire Camo Ambidextrous


Unleash your AR-15’s potential with the Matrix Diversified Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit. Gear up with Gen 2 Mil-Spec components. Elevate performance. Dominate the game.

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Step up your AR-15 game. Dive into customization with the Matrix Diversified Magpul Carbine Accessory Kit. Tailored for the ambitious firearm enthusiast. This kit’s not just gear, it’s an upgrade.

Elevate Your Weapon

The kit sports Magpul Original Equipment. That’s Gen 2 Mil-Spec components for you. Turn your AR-15 from a mere rifle into a personalized modern sporting beast.

Quality Inside Out

What’s on the outside counts. So does the inside. The MOE carbine buttstock enhances weapon stability. The MOE carbine hand guard provides excellent heat resistance. Performance? Boosted.

Boosted Grip

The MOE pistol grip and the MOE Vertical Grip (MVG). They’re not just grips, they’re enhanced control. Precision? Improved. The MOE trigger guard? It’s about comfort and reliability.

Additional Ammo

Extra firepower never hurts. The kit includes a 30rd PMAG magazine. More shots, more dominance.

What’s Included?

  • MOE Carbine Buttstock
  • MOE Carbine Hand Guard
  • MOE Pistol Grip
  • MOE Vertical Grip (MVG)
  • MOE Trigger Guard
  • 30rd PMAG Magazine

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